Tourist Visas

Tourist visas are for people who wish to visit Australia for a vacation, recreation, social event, to visit some friends, relatives or for different non-work related purposes. There are several different tourist visas you can apply for to visit Australia.

If you want to stay in Australia longer than the visa permits you, you must apply for another visa.

Visitor Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) Visa – Subclass 976

With this visa you are able to stay in Australia for up to 3 months on each visit, within the validity of your visa. The ETA visas are usually valid for 12 months from the date of receiving the visa.

There is no application visa charge for this visa.

The ETA visa is not intended to allow repeated and extended stays in Australia. If you want to remain longer in Australia for tourism purposes, you can look for other visa options, for example tourist visa (subclass 676) or another visa that fits your needs.

There is no need to visit an Australian Job Type Office to apply for this visa. If an ETA visa is successfully granted, you will be supplied with confirmation number for your records.

If you travel with other family members to Australia, a separate ETA visa is required for each member of your family, including travellers that are under 18 years old.

The ETA is electronically linked to the passport number, so you must use the same passport to travel to Australia. If you are in Australia and have a new passport, but your ETA visa is linked to your old passport, you will need to apply for another visa, because you may have problems at the airport and may not be able to leave Australia.

You can leave Australia and travel with your new passport before your ETA visa expires, but you should keep your old passport with the linked ETA visa with you. If you don’t leave Australia within the ETA visa validity you will have to apply for another type of visa, and if you leave Australia with your ETA visa, you will not be able to enter again in Australia with this visa. You will have to obtain another visa linked with your new passport.

If you want to stay longer in Australia, you must apply for another type of visa at least 2 weeks before your ETA visa expires.

When applying for ETA visa you have to be outside Australia and to have a passport that is ETA eligible.

You can apply online for an ETA visa while you are outside Australia if you have passport issued by one of the following countries: Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, United States of America and South Korea.

European Citizens, who want to apply for an ETA visa and are eligible, can apply online for eVisitor visa trough an airline, travel agent or specialist service provider.

You should know that Hong Kong document of identification can’t be used to apply for an ETA visa. You must have a citizen passport if you want to apply for this visa.

ETA visa conditions are:

  • You can’t work.
  • You can’t study for more than 3 months.
  • Your visit must be temporary.
  • You must be in good health condition.
  • You can’t have criminal convictions.
  • It’s recommended to have health insurance.

eVisitor Visa

The eVisitor Visa is electronic visa that is linked to your passport and gives you authority to travel to Australia, which can be applied for online. If you have a new passport, and your visa is on the old one, you must contact the department visa office about the new passport before travelling to Australia, as you may have problems on arrival to Australia. For every family member that travels with you, a separate eVisitor visa is required.

eVisitor can only be granted outside of Australia, and it can’t be extended to permit a longer stay in Australia.

In order to apply for an eVisitor visa, you must be holder of a passport from an eligible country.

Eligible countries are: Austria, Andorra, Bulgaria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, France, Finland, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Monaco, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Portugal, Republic of San Marino, Slovenia, Slovak Republic, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom – British Citizen, Vatican City.

Australian citizens who have dual or multiple nationalities aren’t eligible to apply for an eVisitor visa and have to use their Australian passport to enter or leave Australia, even if they use a foreign passport overseas.

If you apply for this visa for tourist purposes, you must not work while you are in Australia.

If you apply for this visa for business purposes, you must not work in Australia except in some exceptional circumstances.

Tourist Visa – Subclass 676

This tourist visa subclass 676 is for people who want to travel to Australia for recreation, holiday, tourism, or to visit friends or family. This visa can be used for non-work related short-term visits, including studying for less than 3 months and only for volunteer work.

This tourist visa is available to all people who have passport and are outside Australia. People who need to go to Australia for medical treatments or purpose should apply for a different kind of visa, not a tourist visa.

If you wish to stay in Australia for a long time or permanently, you should explore other visa options that are appropriate to your case.

If you wish to bring other family members less than 18 years of age with you in Australia, you can add them to your visa application.

If you wish to prolong your stay in Australia you should apply for another visa at least 2 weeks before your tourist visa expires.

You may be granted a tourist visa if you meet the following requirements:

  • have sufficient funds to cover all your costs while in Australia.
  • meet all required criteria for this visa.
  • meet some health requirements.
  • have health travel insurance.
  • meet some character requirements.
  • complied with the conditions of any previous visas to Australia.

If you apply for this visa while in Australia, you have to be in Australia at the time your visa is granted.

If you apply for this visa outside Australia, you have to be outside Australia at the time visa is granted.

Sponsored Visitor Family Visa – Subclass 679

This visa is for people who wish to travel to Australia to visit family or for a holiday and are sponsored by an eligible Australian relative or an eligible Australian Government official. The sponsor must guarantee that the visitor will leave Australia before the sponsored visitor visa expires. When applying for this visa you must be outside Australia.

With this visa you can visit your friends and family, enjoy tourist activities and you can study for up to 3 months.

The visa application is lodged in Australia by the sponsor and he pays the application charges.

The sponsor must be an Australian permanent resident or Australian citizen aged over 18 and have been settled in Australia for at least 2 years.

This sponsored visa allows you to travel to Australia and stay for a period of up to 3 months. You are allowed only one entry in Australia for the visa validity period and you can’t extend your stay.

If you want to visit someone in Australia more than once, you must apply for a second visa.

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Tourist Visas

Tourist visas are for people who wish to visit Australia for a vacation, recreation, social event, to visit some friends, relatives or for different non-work related purposes.

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