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Parent Visas

Migration to Australia under Parent Visas can be done in a few different ways, to accommodate different circumstances and cases.

There are Contributory Parent Visas and Non-contributory Parent visa. The Non-contributory Parent visa applications have a lower processing priority than the contributory family visas and you can lodge an application for either visa in or out of Australia.

The general requirements common to both types of Parent Visas are that you have to pass the balance family test. You must be a parent of an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen.

As there are different processing times, the Health and character requirements must be met at the time of decision.

Non-Contributory Parent Visas have long processing queue, usually between 5-10 years. The Contributory Parent Visa has much shorter processing time.

Aged Parent Visas

This visa is for aged parents (parents older than 65 years) who have a child that lives in Australia and is a permanent resident, Australian citizen or eligible New Zealand citizen. The aged parent can apply for permanent Aged Parent Visa. This visa requires the child to be the sponsor of the parent.

If you are an elderly parent and have a child (stepchild) in Australia you can apply for an Aged Parent Visa. When you apply for the visa, your child must have been in Australia for at least 2 years as an Australian citizen, eligible New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, and you must prove that at least half of your children are Australian permanent residents, Australian citizens or eligible New Zealand citizens. In the application you can include your partner and other dependent family members.

An aged parent who has been granted a permanent Aged parent visa will not be entitled immediately for the Age pension. New permanent Australian residents must wait 10 years before they are eligible for the Age pension, unless there is an agreement with another country to pay (the resident) a pension.

When you apply for this type of visa you must pay a visa application charge that covers you and the other family members included in the application. If your application is unsuccessful or if you decide to withdraw the application, the charges will not be refunded.

With this kind of visa:

  • you can work and study in Australia,
  • you can be eligible and apply for Australian citizenship,
  • access some social security payments,
  • receive healthcare trough the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and Medicare,
  • you can sponsor people for permanent residence.

Applicants for this visa can wait many years before receiving their visa.

The applicant must complete the application, pay the application charge and provide all needed documents.

The sponsor must prove that they will provide accommodation, support and financial assistance for the applicant and all other family members included in the application for the first 2 years of residency in Australia, and must pay any recoverable social security payments made to the applicant or other family members that accompanied the applicant.

The Aged Parent Visa can also be Contributory & Non-Contributory, and the same rules apply here as in the Non-Aged Parent Visas.

If the Aged Parent Visa is Contributory, the processing time is much shorter, but the application charges are substantially larger, while if the Aged Parent Visa is Non-contributory, the application charges will be less, but the waiting period will be substantially longer.

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Parent – Aged Parent

Migration to Australia under Parent Visas can be done in a few different ways, to accommodate different circumstances and cases.

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